It’s been an action-packed week launching our iFundWomen campaign and we are so excited to share our TOTC universe with you. 

Throughout the process of establishing our brand, the first question we are always asked is ‘what is the problem you are trying to solve?’ We hadn’t seen a brand that offered a clever, sustainable solution to making fashion and style easy for all, and we felt that if we want this - then other people must want it too. We sought out to create a contemporary take on the heritage style uniform. To offer a system that is both stylish and versatile, that anyone can adapt to their personal style with ease, and that takes the effort out of getting dressed. 

Enter: our first collection. We created a system to cover the full spectrum of what you need to get dressed - nothing more, nothing less. The whole thing fits neatly into five easy pieces and today we are giving you a sneak peak at what that looks like! Each collection we create will play on these five designs, committing to the minimalist shopping philosophy we hold dear as a brand. 

We hope you will enjoy this collection preview, illustrated by our Design Director, Aleksandra McCormack. To be a part of bringing it to life, visit the campaign to get involved!