TOTC Tunes No.1

In the spirit of shared experience and community, we've created TOTC Tunes - a Spotify Channel we intend to populate with playlists created by our community as our brand grows. Our designers have been DJs, performers in bands, and writers of music themselves. Suffice it to say that music is deeply embedded in our creative process. We hope you will enjoy the first of many TOTC Tunes playlists, compiled by our Design Director, Aleksandra McCormack.

"As we start to wrap up the adventure of the year 2020, I look back and see so much creativity. We’ve been self-starters: finding new ways to work, create, and communicate in unpredictable times. The soundtrack to my life this year has been 50% seeking comfort in old favorites and 50% finding joy in new musical discoveries," she says. Click here to listen to the music that surrounded Aleksandra as she designed our first knitwear collection, or here to navigate to our campaign page where you can support us in producing it.